Our Brands

Dirt has nowhere to hide with CR Brands on your side. From floors to surfaces to clothes and all the little cracks in between, CR Brands has you covered for all of your household cleaning needs. Around the house, use Mean Green to clean up all types of messes - especially the tough ones. Use Pine Power to give your home the unmistakable smell of clean while you make your floors and sinks sparkle. Or, refresh your whole home with Magnum Power fabric refresher.

For your clothes, Oxydol detergent has been trusted by laundry experts longer than any other detergent on the market. The premium enzyme-based formula makes Oxydol an excellent value. Still, no matter what detergent you use, some stains are too stubborn for detergent alone. That's why we developed Biz. Biz is the laundry expert's secret weapon for stain fighting. It's the gold standard in the cleaning isle. Biz cleans the tough stains that detergents miss.