Dryel is a unique "at-home dry cleaning" product.  It safely cleans and refreshes your special care and dry clean only garments. Instead of the cost and inconvenience of going to the dry cleaners or having to hand-wash these items, you can be confident Dryel's patented technology provides a light cleaning while protecting the vibrant colors and the shape and fit of your clothes.  

We think Dryel is the perfect way to keep your favorite clothes looking newer longer.  

Dryel quickly refreshes and renews clothes in only 15 minutes in your dryer. The colors of your wools, linens, and cottons won't fade, and your clothes will retain their shape and fit much longer than if you drown these items in the washing machine or if you expose them to the harsh chemical environment of the dry cleaners.

Consumers tell us that Dryel has helped their clothes look newer longer - even after 50 cycles! No fading. No shrinking. No stretching.  

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